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Mike Kozlowski – A winning style

“A facial deformity, or any deformity, does not prevent success,” says Mike. “The challenges associated with being different cultivate many positive characteristics, including endurance, courage, and leadership.” Mike, who has had 14 corrective procedures at Children’s Hospital Boston, believes the challenges associated with having cleft lip and palate have helped him develop valuable skills that have benefited him at MIT and throughout his life.

FFC’s first Teen and Young Adult Forum

“I’m excited to finally be with my ‘peeps,’” said Olivia Chartand of Ludlow, Massachusetts, at FFC’s first Teen and Young Adult Forum, held at Children’s Hospital Boston. Never before had she had the opportunity to meet others like her born with cleft lip and palate.

An Inside View

Advanced imaging technology is giving physicians and parents a high-definition view of babies before birth. Three-dimensional (3-D) ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) produce detailed pictures that enable physicians to visualize the growing fetus and diagnose facial conditions, such as cleft lip and palate.