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The Foundation for Faces of Children is sponsoring the Grady family and the Smith family to attend the 30th Annual CCA Family Retreat and Educational Symposium in Austin, TX taking place June 25 – 28, 2020! The FFC sponsorship application deadline was September 13th, 2019!  If your family is interested in attending, please go to the CCA website for details.

When:  June 25 to June 28, 2020.  Please note that the educational symposium starts on the morning of June 25.

Where:  Renaissance Austin Hotel (9721 Arboretum Boulevard, Austin, Texas).  Please note all families will be staying here.

What:  There are speakers, workshops, group dinners, dance parties, pool parties and many other fun activities.  Here are stories from the 2019 and 2018 CCA Retreat Sponsored families about their experience.  For additional information and photos, please go to the CCA website.

How to Apply:  The deadline for the 2020 retreat has past and the families have already been chosen.  Please complete this application and email it to programs@facesofchildren.org along with your essay by 9/13/19 to be considered for sponsorship by FFC to attend the 2020 CCA Retreat.  Please Note:  FFC sponsorship is eligible for residents of the New England states only.

How Sponsorship works:

  • The Retreat is organized and run by CCA (Children’s Craniofacial Association).  If chosen for sponsorship by FFC, you (and your family) will need to complete the CCA registration process in order to attend.  Please review the CCA registration documents before you apply for sponsorship to make sure you understand the requirements.  Please note: CCA has a few new registration requirements which includes families are limited to 6 people, an email address is required for each person over age 18, watching a video and passing the associated quiz.  If you have questions on the CCA Retreat or their registration requirements, please reach out to Annie Reeves at areeves@ccakids.com.
  • If chosen for sponsorship, FFC will award your family with a CCA Family Scholarship ($2,500) paid to CCA to cover registration fees, hotel charges and other travel expenses.  CCA will deduct the registration fee, hotel charges and send each family a check with any left over balance to go towards their travel expenses.  Each family is responsible for booking their own airfare/travel arrangements and please keep in mind prices fluctuate so families need to plan accordingly.
  • FFC also asks each sponsored family to sign a photo release form, provide a family photo to use for sponsorship announcement and photos taken at the Retreat along with a story about your experience.  If you have any questions about the FFC sponsorship application process, please reach out to communications@facesofchildren.org.