Parents gathered on Saturday, November 17, 2018 for an informal discussion over breakfast and coffee. This second parent support meeting was a follow-up to “Lessons Learned” held in the Spring of 2018. Many in attendance discussed feelings and concerns about upcoming surgeries, their child’s self-esteem, and/or current hurdles. It was helpful for parents of older children to share their journey with others experiencing similar obstacles.  Everyone had a piece of advice to offer.

A third “Lessons Learned” session is being planned for May 11, 2019 when Dr. Elisa Bronfman (Psychologist at Boston Children’s Hospital) will once again join us and offer her expertise.  She will present a new lecture to kick off the morning followed by an equally lively discussion.

Fathers, mothers and all adult relatives or caregivers are welcome to attend Lessons Learned Part III on May 11th at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Waltham.  For more information, visit our event webpage.