Here are some questions to ask before deciding where to take your child.

  • Do you use a team approach? Is this an interdisciplinary team, a multidisciplinary team, or some other type of team?
  • What specialists participate in the evaluation?
  • Does the team meet in one location or do I have to go to separate offices and clinics?
  • How often does the team meet to discuss each patient’s care?
  • How much experience does the team have in the evaluation and treatment of cleft lip, cleft palate, and craniofacial conditions?
  • How many patients with craniofacial conditions does the team treat every year?
  • How many patients has the team cared for with my child’s specific condition?
  • Who will be our primary contact throughout our child’s treatment?
  • Will this person be readily available to us when we want information?

These questions should help you find a team that can best care for your child. But you may have other questions and should not hesitate to ask for any information you need before making this important decision.