Who We Are

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The Foundation for Faces of Children (FFC) is a New England-based, not for profit, 501(c) 3 organization. We provide clear, accurate information and other educational resources to children born with craniofacial differences and their families.

The Foundation was started by plastic surgeon John B. Mulliken, MD, and a handful of parents whose children were receiving treatment at the Craniofacial Centre at Children’s Hospital Boston. Organizers included Norman and Rita Bartczak, Fred and Polly Frawley, and Robert and Priscilla Bradway. With the assistance and support of Children’s Hospital nurse Dotty MacDonald, RN, and coordinator Kathryn (Kit) Mount, initial efforts focused on developing funding for teaching materials and information for parents.

Today, the Foundation’s mission has expanded to address not only medical concerns but also psychosocial and educational issues related to craniofacial differences.  To achieve this, FFC collaborates with leading specialists to provide accurate, up-to-date information for patients and parents, regionally, nationally, and internationally.


The leadership of the Foundation is composed of many dedicated professionals, parents, affected adults and other interested individuals who recognize the importance of providing access to the best information and guidance in order to help the families of affected children find quality care. They all serve on a volunteer basis, and their many different viewpoints inform the shaping of policy and guidance of the organization.

Michael Greiner
Saratoga Springs, NY

Ann-Marie Rogers
Executive Vice-President
Framingham, MA

Alfred (Fred) C. Frawley, III
Cumberland, ME

Joseph (Joe) Carroll
Stoneham, MA

Jennifer Dodwell
Recording Secretary
Waltham, MA

Mary Lania, RN
VP of Programming
Westwood, MA

John B. Mulliken, MD
Brookline, MA

John (Jack) Condon
Huntington, NY

Stephen Shusterman, DMD
Needham, MA

Dorothy (Dotty) M. MacDonald, RN, BSN
Braintree, MA

Olivia Oppel, RN
Medway, MA

Monir Sakha
Framingham, MA

Claire Barden
Winchester, MA